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Our stories that blossomed from symbiotic relationships between clinician, patient and lab.


 "I knew as soon as I saw my brother's new smile and how it changed his life, I had to be next. Thank you, guys, for all that you've done."


Jeffrey came to us needing to reconfigure his smile and add more chewing surfaces. He had been without posterior teeth for years. After seeing his brother's new smile that our team recently completed, Jeffrey wanted to change his life. We decided to pull the remaining failing teeth and placed 5 dental implants. We constructed a BDT Technique implant bridge with individtual e.max Press lithium disilicate teeth onto a Pekkton HPP frame and custom-matched the tissue with AnaxGum to his existing tissue color. 


 "Seeing my "old" smile again made my mom cry, so you know that's a good sign :) haha. Thank you so much for all the work you put into turned out amazing!"


Amanda was involved in a car accident which knocked out her front 4 teeth. We placed 4 implants and made a suprastructure in zirconia. We placed individual GC LiSi layered lithium disilicate teeth to the frame and custom-matched the tissue color with GC Gradia composite to her existing tissue. With Amanda's help by supplying numerous photos, we were able to duplicate her original tooth shapes and size back to complete her smile. Many who had not known she was involved in an accident still do not know these are prosthetics. A win for Team Dental Esthetics!


 "The crowns you fabricated are beautiful! Thanks so much for the hard, diligent work. You do amazing work!"


Dr. Christie had 2 implants placed in dental school and never liked the restorations as they appeared too opaque. We made a waxup to show the new shapes and sizes and immediately noticed a huge difference once the teeth were made smaller with tissue height corrected. We collaborated in making traditional PFM splinted crowns over a titanium frame. Pink tissue porcelain was incorporated to control the interproximals of teeth to give them individuality which lacked in her previous set. 


 "We were very pleased with my daughter's new veneers and I would like to do my smile next!"


After completing Carrie's daughter's veneers, the results convinced Carrie to replace some old composite veneer work done years ago. She always had gaps between her front teeth and hoped we could correct that with new porcelain veneers. We fabricated 4 layered e.max Press lithium disilicate crowns and veneers to fill up her smile. 

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